Students commit to committees


McDaniel's Photography

Seniors Martin Gonzalez and Liam Stojanovic and 15’ graduate Mark Hancher participated in Mr. Sycamore in 2015. Hancher won the title of Mr. Sycamore after he and the others of the contestants participated in activities and contests to compete for the title.

Hannah Loftspring, Staff Writer

The end of the year is approaching and so are annual events. Every year, Student Council organizes the usual annual events: Mr. Sycamore, a fundraiser for an organization, and volunteering activities. This year there is a new event.

For the first time ever, a run will be organized, similar to The Color Run. While participants run the 3.1-mile course, or as they cross the finish line, colored powder and paint will be projected on to them.

Student council hopes to make this event an annual occurrence.

Junior Sydney Klein said, “Well at first it was the junior class’s idea. We were so excited, except with prom and everything we ran out of time. Now it’s a student council event instead of just junior student council members but I mean at least it’s happening! We’re really busy with prom anyway so this is good.”

Other committees have been assigned to spend their time planning the regular, annual events, such as Mr. Sycamore. Although this is not the first year it is happening, there is still hype over Mr. Sycamore.

Sophomore Elayna Berry said, “I was a co-head of Mr. Sycamore last year and it was definitely stressful but not that I have the gist of things I’m way more prepared, and excited, to be the co-head again this year.”

Berry worked with Senior Tyler Miller last year. This year, since it is second semester, there are no senior committee heads.

Miller said, “I think senioritis is kicking in and also it is just so much work to be a head so I am fine letting the underclassmen do most of it. I went through that already.”

Spring committees mean seasonal, sensational events, and student council senioritis.