Daycare or presidential debate?


MCT Photo

Marco Rubio attacks Donald Trump at the March 3 Republican Debate in Detroit. Rubio and Trump were at each other’s throats the entire time with Trump calling Rubio demeaning names like “Little Marco.” The behavior at this debate has been considered worse than at any that came before.

Claire Lefton, A&E Chief

Politics have never been the most wholesome or friendly practice, but the 2016 presidential race has really pushed the limits on how unwholesome and unfriendly politics can really be.

In the most recent Republican debate on March 3, the candidates bragged about the size of their genitalia, shamelessly plugged their websites, and resorted to juvenile name calling. It is getting harder to tell if the nominees are adults vying for the most important position in the country or toddlers fighting to get the last cookie.

Pollster Frank Luntz tweeted, “The number one word my focus group used to describe tonight’s debate: ‘Embarrassing.’”

It is time for the nominees to take responsibility for their childish behavior and start showing the American people real reasons why they should be in control; through policy and experience.

In a discussion with “The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper, a young child said, “Rubio, Cruz, and Trump, I think they all act like a bunch of kids. They act like people in preschool… America’s one of the biggest countries in the world and you don’t want to act like a bunch of children when you want to become a president like that.”

If children can observe and criticize the behavior that is similar to their own, something has seriously gone wrong. Many Republicans and political analysts even believe this ruination of image could mean the end of the GOP.

Politico’s political journalist Glenn Thrush wrote, “The fun is officially over — as Republicans descend into a sloppy and unpredictable civil war prompted by the previously unimaginable prospect of a Trump nomination.”

The immature demeanor of the Republican candidates is seriously worrying. What does it say about the modern American democratic process if the way you get ahead is by being the biggest bully?