Varsity tennis cheers teammates


Brianna Dooley

A big match that players often times go to cheer on is the match against Mason City Schools. In both the boys and girls seasons, a large crowd usually forms. A large crowd provides for even more school pride and spirit.

Caroline Gao, Executive Editor-in-Chief

As the Varsity Gold girls tennis players wrap up their off-season conditioning, they look ahead to continue training and cheering on the Varsity Gold boys.
Members continue to stay on top of their tennis games by playing at local clubs and participating in multiple United States Tennis Association (USTA) tournaments.
Freshman Helen Sotropa said, “A lot of people play at The Club at Harper’s Point. They have tennis clinics and options for you to take private lessons with multiple instructors. It’s one of the best ways to continue practicing.”
Multiple USTA tournaments are held on various weekends. They take place at clubs such at Camargo Racquet Club, Five Seasons, and Harper’s Point.
Senior Alexandra Abele said, “Tournaments really help you tennis playing because you put to use everything you learned and practiced.”
In addition to practicing on their own, the Varsity Gold players also spark team spirit by cheering on the boys team.
Sophomore Kaitlyn Jiang said, “Throughout the season our team gets really close with one another because we spend so much time together. In the offseason, we still like to spend time together by watching the boys play. It’s a great experience for the entire program.”
Coach Michael Teets places emphasis on the development of the program as a whole and encourages support in each other’s matches.

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