Choir goes to competition


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Mr. Ken Holdt conducts for one of the choral concerts. The choirs perform five concerts and competes in one competition each year. The choir students are preparing to go to a competition on Mar. 11, 2016 at Eaton High School.

Calliope Osborn, Staff Writer

The Sycamore choral program is headed to compete at Eaton High School. Just the week before, all choirs performed their annual fine arts concert.

Students work for months on the songs chosen for competition. They work during class, and some devote time outside of school to practice.

Morgan McAvoy, a choir student last year, said, “Choir is a great way to get involved with the school and meet new people.”

The songs are chosen by choral director Ken Holdt. He teaches all the choir classes and AP Music Theory.

McAvoy said, “Mr. Holdt is a patient and persistent teacher who really cares for his students.”

Songs may be introduced at the beginning of the year or at any of the concerts prior to the competition.

Bella Voce, Select, and Aviator Chorale will be competing. The choirs sing in different classes, ranging from difficulty. Class A is the most difficult.

The choirs will be judged based on a numeric scale. One will be the highest rank, and four will be the lowest.

McAvoy said, “Last year, Aviator Chorale received a 2, and I was really happy. We worked so hard and I was satisfied with our score.”