Newfangled flags fly into new season


Natalie Brinkman

Winter guard is in full swing of the new season. There are many new faces in the group. The recital will be in late spring and is open for anyone who would like to attend.

Winter guard is officially in swing, the first song has been decided and the group is practicing their parts.

In total, there is a flag, rifle, and a dancer group. Each will be switched throughout the various songs, as well as receive different solos in the piece.

The group will be rehearsing until their recital in late spring for family and friends, although all are welcome to attend. (more information to be given as season progresses)

Senior Rosie Hou said,”I’m new to this and so I’m not very good at dancing and learning choreography but I’m looking forward to when we have it all together and I can look back at past me struggling and laugh.”

Winter guard is often utilized towards training mid season for both marching band students and color guard members alike.

Freshman Lydia Cooke, “The group will perform in the little theater and will be presenting their skills within a couple of songs.”

Unlike marching band, the stage performance is choreographed to recorded music, last year to a Sia song.

Sophomore Karen Mellott said, “We are already much further along than we were this time last year. Seeing lots of new and excited faces is awesome.”

It is very different from marching band shows, thus it improves the group’s skills to change the way they perform.

Overall the group is practicing their parts, and getting ready to learn new material. As the season progresses, there will be new songs and
new parts to learn.