Hub becomes center of attraction


Sarah Abraham

The Hub and Smoothie bar are now open for use. The Hub is available for usage all day and classrooms in the hub are available to be rented out.

Sarah Abraham, Staff Writer

The newest renovation to sycamore high school’s facility, is the IMC, which has been renamed as The Hub. Construction was started last year towards the end of the year, and ended a few weeks into the 2015-2016 school year.

Freshman Kalli Wierwille said, “ I had never really seen what it looked like,but it is such a nice facility it’s really spacious. We go there during class sometimes and all the open space is nice to spread out and work in. I am also excited to see what happens with the smoothie bar,because who doesn’t like smoothies?”

Another new attraction, are the conference rooms you can rent out. At the back of the hub, there are two see through rooms located. They both contain two televisions, and are good for conducting meetings , and conferences.

Sophomore Meegan Gould said, “We go into the rooms sometimes to watch game footage and discuss plays because you can make the room set up so that you can look at each other, so it’s easy to talk and have discussions.”

The hub is also now, one of the main centers of activity at the school. Instead of it being a quiet place like it was before. The hub is now a place for collaboration and interaction for people all around the school.
Freshman Sarah Werthiem said, “It’s a nice facility. It is always fun when I go with my class and we can talk and collaborate and not have to be quiet. It’s a good change of scenery from a boring classroom.”