Brussels attacks stun students


MCT Photo

Just days after the devastating attack on Brussels, Belgium on Wed. March 22, numerous memorials were set up in order to acknowledge the events that transpired. They honored the 31 victims who were killed in the attack. In addition, 300 people were injured in the attack.

You are walking through the airport, when all of a sudden gunshots break out. What do you do?

In the past few years, terrorist attacks have become more and more frequent around the world, as bombings and shootings occur without warning in public.

On Wed., March 22, 31 civilians were killed and nearly 300 people were injured in an attack that came out of the blue in Brussels, Belgium. The attacks occurred in the Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro.

According to, European Union (EU) leaders and institutions said in a joint statement, “This latest attack only strengthens our resolve to defend the European values and tolerance from the attacks of the intolerant.”

It has been discovered that a total of four attackers participated in the bombing. Two have been identified as brothers Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui, both native Belgians.

Airport baggage security officer Alphonse Lyoura said, “A man shouted a few words in Arabic and then I heard a huge blast… It was total panic everywhere…I saw people lying on the ground covered in blood who were not moving.”

Additionally, the French trip from SHS visited Brussels over spring break during their travels across Europe. They came near to being victims in the harrowing bombing that took place

Freshman Luis Pereda said, “It’s crazy that on a school sponsored trip we came so close to such a big tragedy. It was shocking being in Paris and having been in Brussels just four days before the attack happened.”