SHS students ‘Bring it On’


Photo by Christine Macke

In the opening number, Campbell celebrates her victory of becoming captain of the cheerleading squad. After having her entire life set on becoming captain, her transfer to Jackson completely changes her life. ‘Bring it On’ opens this Friday at 7:30.

Christine Macke, Staff Writer

For the next week, the theatre will act as a second home for those participating in the spring musical. Students have been working non-stop to perfect every detail, from the high-energy dance numbers to the tumbling stunts to the lighting cues.

Sophomore Hanna Leonard said, “Bring it on is an extremely fun show to be in because the ensemble is actually given roles and is able to act, which doesn’t happen in a lot in musicals.”

“Bring it On” opens on April 8, and the story sheds a new light on the trials and tribulations of high school cheerleading. The narrative follows Campbell Davis, a senior who is forced to transfer schools in her senior year.

Freshman Ty Race said, “I think that ‘Bring it On’ is a fun show with a lot of dancing and a lot of great music and it will be enjoyed by all ages.”

Campbell loses her position as cheer captain of her squad but along the way learns important life lessons of high school, such as the value of friendship and that winning is not the most important thing in life.

Sophomore Leslie Brown said, “We have worked so hard on this show, and we’re going to ‘Bring it On.’”