Student starts Meditation Group


Photo courtesy of MCT

Use little pockets of time the universe gives us to squeeze in some productive thinking or action — and meditation totally counts.

Anne Marsh, Staff Writer

Do you find yourself stressed throughout the day? Often, this can be remedied by taking a break and resting your mind through meditation.

According to Harvard’s Center for the Developing Child, toxic stress can be defined as: “severe, uncontrollable, chronic adversity” and explains that “it can disrupt the architecture of the developing brain.

“Therefore, stress can often impede academic learning and create long-term physical and mental health problems.”

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and improve concentration and happiness. Many students find it helpful to participate in meditation to reduce anxiety and promote mindfulness.

When Visitacion Valley Middle School implemented a 15-minute period within the school day for meditation, they found a “50 percent reduction in suspensions, a 65 percent reduction in truancy, and a .5 percent increase in overall grade point average.”

Senior Mitch Singstock began a Meditation Group to spread the positive impact of meditation. The group meets Wednesdays during Ace bell in the Group Counseling Room.

Singstock said, “I started this club because with hard classes, sports, and stress it’s hard to truly find time for yourself to relax. I’ve found meditation to be really helpful with relaxation, but it also physically restructures your brain in ways that increase attention.”

To reap the many benefits of meditation, stop by and reduce your stress levels and find some peace in your hectic school day.