April brings rain, rhymes


Allyson Bonhaus

English 9 accelerated students are making headway into their poetry unit. All of the students wrote a poem under a pen name and poems were randomly distributed. Other students then had the chance to give feedback on each poem.

This April is the twentieth anniversary of National Poetry Month. It was created in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. This month is the largest celebration of literature in the world.
Freshman Natalie Bonin said, “I like poetry because of the rhyme scheme. I feel like it is almost like a form of music.”
The mission of the month is to celebrate poetry and bring the art to the public’s view.
Bonin said, “Poetry is very descriptive; I like the word choice. I also love the use of figurative language.”
There are ways to celebrate the month every day including Poem in your Pocket Day which is April 24. You carry a poem in your pocket and share with friends throughout the day.
During the month more people choose to read and write a poem a day. Buy books of poetry from your local bookstores or borrow some from a library. There are poetry workshops or classes you can go to.
You can start a poetry reading club or write a poem outside in chalk. There are many ways to get involved this month and spread the knowledge of poetry in your local community.
Bonin said, “I enjoy the creativity of poems. I love how the author expresses their emotions through the lyrics of their poetry.”
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