Welcoming with warm hearts


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Student Council representatives are hoping to end the video with a pep rally. It would be celebrating the end of the school year and provide good filming opportunities. The goal is to increase school spirit and get students excited to enter another year of school or graduate and begin a new section of their lives. A pep pep rally would gather school spirit.

Hannah Loftspring, Staff Writer

Imagine your first day of high school as a freshman. Scared, nervous, excited, confused only begin to explain the emotions running through your brain. Student Council aims to welcome the eighth graders and prevent the negative emotions while welcoming positive ones.
Dean of students, Ashwin Corattiyil, presented a way to welcome the incoming freshmen: create a video about the building, its staff, and some experiences available in their next four years as students. He assigned Student Council this project.
Sophomore Katelin LeBlanc said, “I mean, this video will be rushed considering school is ending really soon, but I think once eighth graders see all the clubs and fun in high school, they’ll be a little less scared for next year.”
Included in the video will be a preview of some clubs, sporting teams, and staff members. Humorous lines will be sprinkled in to make it more interesting to watch and show that high school is not scary and strictly serious.
To add some human interest, Student Council representatives hand picked seniors whom they thought would have helpful or funny advice that they could share.
Senior Maggie Skwara, when asked to participate, said, “I’d love to! I have good advice and experiences I can share since I’ve been in multiple clubs and sports teams throughout high school.”
In addition to senior advice and a preview of opportunities, the video aims to feature Corattiyil and Principal Doug Mader.
Junior Matthew Miller said, “It’s definitely important to feature them in the video since the freshmen will be seeing a lot of them, and it doesn’t hurt to know who your principal is.We’re going to make him really funny in the video and promote his Twitter account. I think the eighth graders will get a kick out of it.”
To keep interest, the video will have humorous parts, but the main goal is to inform eighth graders and keep them calm by riding them of their worries before they begin a long and memorable part of their life- high school.