Aves Theater goes to ‘Bring It On’


Stephanie Kidd

‘Bring It On the Musical’ is directed by John Whapham. Whapham teaches theatre classes at SHS. He also directs the various other Aves Theatre productions.

Sycamore High School is putting on “Bring It On,” a musical based off the cult-classic movie franchise.

The show follows Campbell, played by Senior Amara Clough, who is recently voted in cheer captain. Just as all of her dreams are being granted, they are ripped out from under her and she is transferred from Terman High to the inner city school of Jackson.

Freshman Lydia Taylor said, “The actors in the show are so talented. It is overwhelming.”

MKU dance instructor Jay Goodlett choreographed the heavily dance/cheer filled show. Goodlett has worked with Aves Theatre on previous occasions and will be once again assisting with the summer show “Footloose.”

Junior Mason Taylor said, “Jay is spunky, creates fun dance numbers, and is amazing to work with.”

The performances will be on two weekends in April – April 8, 9, 15, and 16. Tickets can be pre-ordered online on SHS’s theatre site as well as bought at the door for the same price of ten dollars.

Freshman Grace Hall said,“I love the idea of bringing my two favorite hobbies into one.”