Sycamore aids Alzheimer’s Association


Photo courtesy of Diana Bosse

Mr. Sycamore was able to raise over $1,500 for the Alzheimer’s Association on Apr. 1. Photographed from left to right is freshman Drew Lawrence and Luis Pereda, sophomores Jack Rose and Trevor Size, senior Max Poff, Alzheimer’s coordinator Diana Bosse, junior Mason Taylor, senior Chris Seger, junior Jannan Sivaruban, and senior Michael Heyn.

Mr. Sycamore was able to raise over $1,500 for the Alzheimer’s Association on Apr. 1. This was the eighth annual Mr. Sycamore event. Every year a new charity is chosen. In the past, the Jose Cerda Aquatic Foundation, the Make-a-Wish foundation, Operation Give Back, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
Event coordinator, Elayna Berry, said “I’m so proud all the Aviators for raising this much money. It’s all going to go help everyone suffering from Alzheimer’s.”
Event coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association, Diana Bosse, spoke at the event. She explained what the Alzheimer’s Association is and how grateful the group was for Sycamore’s contribution.
The boys: freshman Luis Pereda and Drew Lawrence, sophomores Trevor Size and Jack Rose, juniors Mason Taylor and Jannan Sivaruban, and seniors Michael Heyn, Max Poff, and Chris Seger. raised money throughout the week. Taylor was able to raise the most money, $186.27, earning him Mr. Congeniality.
Taylor said, “I went to as many people as possible in order to earn as much as I could. I’m so happy that I was able to contribute as much as I was to the Alzheimer’s Association.”
Mr. Sycamore, chosen by the judges, was Seger. Mr. Sycamore was chosen based on the performance in the spirit contest, Q&A answers, and more.
Winner Seger said, “I was so excited to win Mr. Sycamore it was the cherry on top of a great event. It’s such an honor to have been chosen by the judges. Being in the event was just a great experience overall.”