First Ski Club meeting

Ski Club’s pamphlet shows season passes, tubing passes, and lesson passes. Ski Club members get a discount on passes. In addition to season passes, skiers also can add rentals. Photo courtesy of Max Fritzhand.

On Oct. 22 Ski Club had its first meet. Held in the commons, skiers, snowboarders, and newbies were there. They got a packet containing information regarding Ski Club and a pamphlet listing prices.

Highlights from the packet students received: dates, transportation, and how to sign up. On trip days, the school bus leaves at 3:00 p.m. and returns to the school at 9:00 p.m. The first day members start actively skiing will be Dec. 10, on a Tuesday.

“I had been in Ski Club for 3 years now. I always remembered arriving home late,” said Noah Rothchild, 10.

The club goes to Perfect North 10 times each year. The most popular season pass for Ski Club members is the silver pass, costing $238. Nonetheless, each pass depends on the skier using it.

“I always buy a gold pass, because I like to go on weekends with my family,” said Max Brown, 10.

The transportation cost is $40 by bus.  Students must have all emergency information forms on file in case of an injury. Ski Club trips can be canceled due to weather conditions.

“I am looking forward to skiing, said Rothchild.

To sign up to get discounts, members have to go on the Perfect North website and find SHS in the group listing. Then, they can select the school and enter the password that is printed on a Ski Club packet.