Preparing for a ‘Night to Remember’


Hannah Loftspring

Student Council is in charge of making posters to hang in the commons for school events. Currently, the three posters advertising for prom include the theme and the date of the event and the date of ticket sales. More posters will be hung up. They will include the price of tickets and where tickets will be sold.

Hannah Loftspring, Staff Writer

Prom season is around the corner and Student Council is taking no time off. The theme is “A Night To Remember”, and the evening will be filled with elegance. From flower centerpieces to Polaroid photography, it will be an evening like no other.
Senior Shiloh Eklund said, “This my third year going to prom and I’m just as excited as the first time!”
Prom is open to just juniors and seniors unless an underclassmen attends with a date or friend who is a junior or senior.
Sophomore Meredith Gottliebson said, “I can’t wait for junior year, honestly. All of the prom pictures I see look super fun and I am really anxious for my turn to go.”
In preparing for the this event, the junior representatives of Student Council still need to sell tickets, advertise the event and its details, and promote safe decision-making.
In the coming weeks, videos will be shown in ACE bell. They will be demonstrating and describing safe choices to make on prom night and all other nights.
Senior Olivia Wiedmann said, “I know that kids don’t want to have to hear about not drinking and driving on prom night, but it’s something that’s very important and needs to be stressed.
It’s the difference between life and death whether you think you could be a victim of driving under the influence and its penalties or not.
If anyone needs a ride home, no questions asked and either Shiloh or myself will make sure you arrive home safely.”
Buckle up, drive safe, and get ready to have a night to remember at prom