Here come the new freshman


Allyson Bonhaus

On Apr. 20 a pizza lunch was held in Tilton’s room. Students got to sit and converse with their fellow camp counselors. It was not a informational meeting, but the students did learn that they will take groups of eighth graders on tours around SHS.

Allyson Bonhaus, Feature Chief

Recommendations were made by teachers. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were picked to be counselors. When the incoming freshman march into SHS the other classes will guide them through the building.
The mission statement is to instill school spirit in the eighth graders, build positive attitudes toward SHS, build relationships, and assist in the transition from the JH to the SHS. Also, to just have fun on the two day visit.
Mr. Benjamin Tilton said, “The overall goal is for the student body to learn to love SHS from the first day they walk in the door.”
Tilton, a new math teacher and leader of the pep rallies, and Mrs. Ashley Warren, freshman assistant principal, are organizing the event. They will hold a training for the students on Apr. 27.
Tilton said, “Activities will include team building games, a scavenger hunt on campus, and a senior question and answer panel to name a few.”
Both are asking for current SHS students to tell them what they wished they knew about SHS when they came. Also what are bonding activities to cancel out any nervousness.
Tilton said, “I found out about SHS that we have an awesome student body and tons of programs and activities in which kids can be involved in.”
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