Prince death possibly from opioids



This photo shows a man using a pain reliever. Narcotics can be extremely addictive. They are very dangerous and make people prone to overdoses.

Samuel Ruskin, Fun & Games Chief

After investigating the death of Prince, authorities found prescription opioid medication on the music legend as well as in his home. Opioids are most commonly used to as pain relievers and are a relatively strong narcotic

Junior Jacob Spiegel said, “I’ve read stories and news articles of people overdosing from opioids and other pain relievers, and let me tell you. There is nothing pretty about it.”

About a week before Prince’s death, his plane had to emergency land in Illinois due to a health issue. This was most likely the reason for his result to the narcotics.

The pilot told air traffic control that a passenger, later known to be Prince, was unresponsive. Princes reaction was later diagnosed as a potential overdose to the opioids.

Freshman Kyle McCann said, “It’s tragic that Prince died from a prescription drug. We all pray that his legacy will continue as a great man, rather than a druggie.”

The singer was rushed to a hospital in Moline. His publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, later said he returned home and was fine. Prince was 57 when he died last week at his home in a Minneapolis suburb.

Freshman Danny Polasky said, “Prince was a great man, a great musician, and no matter what, a legend in the entertainment industry for eternity.”

We are still currently awaiting for results from the autopsy.