Pool renovations to take place


Photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

Freshman Robert Schramm dives in to swim the 200 individual medley. With the new pool, there is talk of buying a new scoreboard. The ventilation system was also improved in the winter of 2015.

Hannah May, Co-Executive Editor

The SHS pool is used by the boys and girls water polo and swim teams along as serving as the East swimming site for the local club team, the Cincinnati Marlins, not to mention the fact that the gym classes also host a swimming unit every year.

Despite its many uses, the SHS pool is the oldest in the GMC. The last time the pool was repaired was following the tornado that occurred in 2000.

Princeton High School rebuilt its aquatics center in the summer of 2015 under the advisement of their aquatics director and former SHS water polo coach Gary Tameris.

Senior Hannah Schweggmann said, “The new pool at Princeton is very nice. We used to have Moose [water polo] practice at SHS, but after they finished Princeton’s pool, it was moved there.”

There are plans to redo the SHS facility in the summer of 2016. The updating includes many big changes to the current pool:

  • New tiling
  • New ceiling
  • New speaker system
  • Repainting the pool

Junior Lily Retford said, “I am so excited for swim season next year. I think that the pool will look really good and they added a new ventilation system this year so I think the air quality will be a lot better at practice.”

The pool is not expected to be finished until September. The water polo team ordinarily commences training at the beginning of August. This means that the team will miss an entire month of training in the pool.

Junior Grace Mather said, “I think we will probably condition in August. It kind of stinks that we have to miss practicing in a pool but I think it will be worth it.”