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The Canadian rapper’s career started when he debuted as a character on the Canadian show, Degrassi: The next Generation for a total of 138 episodes. After leaving the show, he released his first album, called Thank Me Later, in June 2010, four months after the original release date. In 2015, he released two mixtapes, If You Are Reading This It’s Too Late, and What a Time to be Alive, both hitting number one on the Billboard top 200 and making Drake the first rapper to have two hit albums in one year since Jay-Z in 2004.

Taylor Close, A&E Chief

The anticipated album by Drake was released on Apr. 29, making it the fourth album he has released since the start of his career in 2001.
Sophomore Alex Newberg said, “I think that it is cool how he puts so much effort into his songs and doesn’t just throw something together.”
In his songs on the album, Drake references influential people such as  President Barack Obama, Jay Z, and Kanye West. But he also mentions his fellow rapper rival Meek Mills, criticizing his work.
Newberg said, “I think that [Drake] saying those things about him (Mills) in a creative way rather than just calling him out in person. Although I hope that it does not cause repercussions.”
According to Music Bussiness Worldwide the album made eight million dollars in just one day. This revenue alone would put the artist into the top one percent wealthiest Americans.
Newberg said, “Many people over work themselves every day in order to reach even close to that salary, and he reached it in 24 hours. It is scary how many followers some famous people have.”