Running into next season already


Hannah Loftspring

The coaches and the team captains have access to the Twitter account to post updates for teammates and runners. Captains are elected by the runners, and there are typically three, with one SALT representative. Captains will be chosen during summer conditioning, and from there they will help the coaches in leading workouts and guiding their teammates.

Social media is a fast and efficient way to spread a message. On Tues., May 3, the Lady Aves Cross Country Twitter account spread the word to all of its followers that there is an upcoming meeting for next season.
Freshman Peyton Gilhart said, “I had notifications turned on for their Twitter earlier in the season in case they posted any important information. So when they tweeted this I found out right away and got super excited.”
The tweet announced that the meeting with me on May 12 after school. Some of the talking points will include changes from last season to the next season, and details on summer conditioning.
Sophomore Josey Leach said, “I have heard some rumors that people will have to try out to be on the team. It will not be super hard especially if you have been on the team in the past.
I think what they’re trying to do is pick out the girls who are actually dedicated because a tryout may turn a lot of people away, and those are probably the ones who would not work as hard.
The team welcomes everyone, but we also want to have a successful season with runners who are passionate and hardworking.”
The rumor itself has not been confirmed. If it is true, it is likely that the tryouts will be during summer conditioning.
Also in the summer is the annual camp out. The girls travel to a nearby lake and camp in tents, swim, and get two to three workouts in.
Senior Rachel Haupt said, “I am so sad that I won’t be able to run next year with my cross country family. They call me ‘mom’ a lot. I kind of am like a mom. I am definitely the team mom. I’ll miss my family.
Maybe I’ll go on the camp out just to see everyone one last time.”
The upcoming meeting is open to anyone thinking about joining cross country next year. There, they will receive important information and get a chance to meet the coaches.