Fast Facts: Spring Choir Concert Q&A with Kenneth Holdt


McDaniel's Photography

The select all girl singing group SWEET performs a capella for concerts. Featured, left to right: senior Emma Steward, junior Elsa Benson, senior Amara Clough, senior Avery Harris. senior Meagan Haupt, and senior Corinne Gause.

What is the date and time of the concert? “Thurs., May 12, 7 p.m. in the Auditorium”

Can everyone come or are tickets on sale? “No tickets, it is open to the public.”

How does the choir recognize seniors? “The seniors will be recognized in the closing song, Song of Farewell, as the entire choral program features the seniors on a verse of the song. Awards Night that directly follows the concert will also celebrate seniors, first year through fourth year members of the choral program, outstanding members of all ensembles, and additional awards and presentations including the student conductor baton, choral medallion recognition, and Vocal Booster scholarships.”

What are some featured acts and songs people will not want to miss? “The lighter fare of this concert is its trademark, featuring ‘I See Fire’, ‘Shut Up and Dance,’ ‘Strangers Like Me’, ‘Haven’t Met You Yet,’ and more!”