Researchers discover a new kind of Sandwich



The ship was discovered through a team of commercial divers. They were able to uncover the ancient ship and retrieve certain artifacts. It is currently being studied for any more historical significance.

Samuel Ruskin, Fun&Games Chief

Researchers have recently discovered the wreckage of the ship sailed by legendary British Explorer James Cook. It is currently being studied for historical uses.

Cook commanded the ship oh his famous voyage through the uncharted Pacific Ocean. He led the ship from 1768-1771. For year, the ship’s whereabouts were unknown. The boat was renamed Lord Sandwich and used in the American Revolution

Dr. Kathy Abbas said that, “We know from its size, dimension and these records that the Sandwich was the Endeavor.”

Freshman Aria Oliver said, “It’s cool to think that after hundreds of years, we still discover new and old things about history.”

The exploration group plans to begin a more detailed and thorough exploration of the wreckage site to uncover any lost artifacts and study the structure.

Freshman Ryan Hertlein said that, “I hope that we can uncover some great facts about history that could help uncover some of the mysteries that the structure holds.”