Students’ travel for summer vacations


Photo credit: Christine Macke

The image of an ideal vacation varies greatly from person to person. Some may prefer an intense adventure in a new part of the world, and some may prefer a relaxed get-away to a rural part of the country. However, the classic beach vacation is usually a hit with people of all ages and personalities.

As the long month of May drags on, summer gets closer and closer for students. Some may spend it at Kings Island, some may volunteer, but one thing that stands out is going on vacation.

Sophomore Hanna Leonard said, “I’m going to New York and Colorado. I go every year to New York to see my grandparents but I have only been to Colorado once, and I am excited to go back.”

Whether students travel across the world, board luxury cruises, or simply drive two hours away, whether it be with family, friends or both, vacations are always some of the most highly-anticipated events of the summer.

Freshman Sarah Brownlee said, “This summer I’m going to Washington D.C. I’m excited to see the White House and some of the other national monuments like the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial[s].”

Regardless of where you travel this summer, travel opens up new opportunities to spend time with loved ones and explore the state, country, or perhaps even another continent and learn more about the world.

Sophomore Kyra Bolt said, “My entire family is going to Europe and we are going to France and Germany and just explore the sights together. I’m so excited to see that region of the world.”