Carb loading before the season


Jeremy McDaniel's

Each grade is assigned a food group to bring to pasta parties. The location is determined by which teammate signs up to host, and usually host homes are not repeated. The team was about sixty girls last season, so a runner with a spacious house usually hosts. Below is the varsity team, which varies for each meet. JV and Varsity have pasta parties together.

Hannah Loftspring, Staff Writer

Before Cross Country meets, the runners gather for pasta parties. Their goal is to eat a lot of carbohydrates so they are all fueled up before the meet the next morning.
A new season is quickly approaching, due to the early start with summer conditioning. Coach Richard Shomo invited the incoming seniors of the Girls Cross Country team to dinner.
Junior Jessica Wocks said, “Shomo was super nice for inviting us out to dinner. He said dinner is all on him and we’ll discuss things about next season. I think he wants some quality senior bonding before the team is gathered, too.”
The girls and coaches will be eating at Rudinos Pizza and Grinders, since Shomo has been bartending there on weekend evenings for multiple years.
Senior Sarah Thompson said, “I can’t remember if he did something like this for us, but I think it’s a nice idea. I had an awesome season regardless. I was nervous at first but I honestly ended up making so many friends.
I think the dinner will help some new seniors warm up and make new friends more quickly. For the returning runners it will just be a fun, family-like dinner but also productive. I think they’re going over important details of the season.”
For those who cannot attend the dinner, it is not a huge issue. There was a previous meeting for all grade levels, and more orientation and explanations of how this season will work will be provided as summer conditioning begins.
Freshmen Shayna Kling said, “I am so pumped for this season. I’m sure the seniors will do a great job as captains. I’m jealous I don’t get a free Rudinos dinner, but I know that pasta parties are coming soon and that’s keeping me motivated.”