Stretching for successful season


The Sycamore Aves Dance Team prepares for their first performance at the football game on Fri., Aug. 26 at the University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium. One of the team’s goals this season is to increase their appearances to spread the word about the team. By performing at the football game, attended by thousands was a fun and simple way to do it.

Considered a winter sport, the Sycamore Aves Dance Team is already kicking their practices into high gear. Even though the first home basketball game is four months away, the team has no time relax.

“I am so excited to see where the rest of the season takes us. We have practiced several dances to prepare for the soccer games and also the Homecoming Pep Rally. We have worked really hard and I am excited to show everyone how it pays off,” said Hannah Young, 12.

For the fall season, they are performing during halftime at a girls and boys soccer game on Sat., Sept. 10 and Tues., Sept. 20 respectively.

They also planned on dancing during the football game with the marching band at Nippert Stadium on Fri., Aug. 26, but the game was rained out. The girls are also hoping to perform at another home football game.

“Even though we couldn’t perform as a team at the Nippert game, we will always be a team. On and off of the field,” said Amanda Geraci, 9.

To prepare for both the soccer and football games, they practiced mini dances called sidelines. The team learned three of the sidelines from their camp, and the others have been passed down from previous teams for years.

On top of learning sidelines, they already have been taught a hip-hop competition routine and are preparing their performance for the Homecoming Pep Rally on Fri., Oct. 7.

“I am so excited to dance at the soccer game because we are expanding on how many events we dance at. Our Homecoming Pep Rally routine is difficult but it looks amazing and was so fun to learn! This season is going to be a blast!” said Rosanna Bartlett, 12.