Calling all students for Latin Club


Allyson Bonhaus

The teacher sponsor is Latin teacher Mr. Sean Minion, who is deciding with the students on how to run the club. There are two sophomore presidents; Carolyn Zhang and Grant Bruner. The vice president is sophomore Yuhi Hakozaki, the treasurer is freshman Deeptangshu Chatterjee, lastly the secretary is sophomore Allyson Bonhaus.

Activities have begun to pop up in announcements and flyers can be spotted around school. Another club adds itself to the list to be joined. Latin Club’s first meeting was Friday Sept. 9 and the second meeting will take place on Monday Sept. 19 in room 151.
During the club there is food provided and many people interested in the language as well as Roman culture attend the club. Past Latin students, current, and those who are simply interested in the ancient language and culture may come to the meetings.
“Certamen is really fun because it gives me a chance to expand on what we are learning in class and help me do better in class on assignments,” said Laura Mihlbachler, 10.
Certamen is often an activity that takes place in the club; groups are made and they are asked questions on uses of linguistics, mythology, and culture. Questions range from beginner to AP. However, certamen is only practice for the competitions at nearby colleges for Latin high school students.
“I think that having Latin outside of the school day is really fun and there will be a different atmosphere than a class,”  said London Brinkman, 10.
Latin Club will feature certamen, movies, food, and games. Students range from freshmen to seniors who are still curious about learning and using their previous knowledge, as well as seeing old friends.
“Latin Club is an amazing opportunity because not only do we get to expand on ancient Roman culture that we’ve learned about in class, we also get to share with others that are learning about it,” said Club Co-President Carolyn Zhang, 10.