Bastille’s album creates ‘Wild World’


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Bastille has two studio albums now, “Wild World” and “Bad Blood”, but they also have a couple EP’s, “Haunt” and “VS.”, and a reissue of their first album, “All This Bad Blood”. They went on a North American tour for “Bad Blood” in 2014, stopping at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati on Oct. 17. So far there are only six shows in North America for this upcoming tour.

After the indie band hinted at a new album earlier this year, their fans, called Stormers, were anxious to figure out the release date and track listing. But Bastille did not use traditional ways of releasing that information.
“I like them [Bastille] because you never know what they are going to do next. All their albums sound a little different, and definitely different from anything I’ve seen from any other artist. But they also try to get their fans involved with what they are doing and interact with them,” said Jodie Lawson, 11.
Instead of just releasing the track listing, the band put clues on their website as to what the songs were and let the fans solve it. Some of the clues were lyrics from the songs with the title embedded inside.
“When I heard that they were coming out with a new album I got excited because I have liked all their music in the past so I knew I would like this album too!” Lawson said.
The band announced a 2016 world tour, traveling across Europe, with a couple shows in North America. There are rumors that the band will go on another North American tour sometime next year, but it has yet to be confirmed.
“It would be really cool to see them in person because a lot of what they do is electronic and I want to see how they incorporate that into their shows,” Lawson said.