Chinese Club elects new officers


The elected officers of the new school year consist of one president, two vice presidents, two secretaries, one treasurer, and two public relation officers. Schuetz is the president, senior Amy Deng and McGowan are vice presidents, seniors Adam Zhang and Jesse Li are secretaries, sophomore Sammy Risma is the treasurer, and seniors Kevin Berghoff and Jannan Sivaruban are the public relation officers. The club has activities every other Friday. Photo by: Ning Zhang

Amy Deng, Executive Managing Editor

China is known for its ancient history and distinct culture. Chinese club offers opportunities to learn about Chinese history, culture, and traditions through several activities such as tea ceremonies, kite making, and calligraphy.

“I have been in Chinese Club since freshman year and I love the relaxed and fun atmosphere. As vice president, my job is to organize activities for each event,” said Connor McGowan, 11.

The goal of the club is to introduce to members what the country has to offer, specifically through hands-on activities and traditional foods.

“I hope to grow the club and give SHS students an interesting way to learn more about Chinese culture,” said McGowan.

The club officers are voted on during the first meeting so that such positions can be organized and activities can be decided.

“I’m really excited for the upcoming year; hopefully we’ll be able to do some new things that we have never done before,” said Matthew Schuetz, 12.

To become a member, the cost is $5 and to be a guest, the cost is $2. New members are always encouraged to spread the word about Chinese culture.