Band gains because of rains


Terry Ekstedt

At King’s High School, the marching band performs indoors. Rain, thunder, and lightening prevented the students from competing on their typical football field. It was a new experience for all of the freshman through seniors.

The marching band typically performs on a football field, a 360 feet long surface; however, at Kings High School, rain caused the shows to be held indoors.

It was a first for all of the band members, freshman through seniors all gaining a new and foreign experience.

“I thought the performance Saturday was a really good example of always being ready for anything, because you never know what is going to happen. It gave us a good chance to actually listen to ourselves and focus on playing the music to maximize that half before tackling the visual too,” said Alejandro Bresolin, 10.

Rain usually does not prevent the band from performing outside; in fact, the band prides itself on being an all-weather group, but thunder, lightening, and metal instruments do not bode too well for safety.

“I was glad that we still got to perform even though the weather did not cooperate. We all did our best under the weird circumstances and pulled off a great show,” said Elizabeth Ekstedt, 10.

By competing inside, it also enabled parents, friends, and fans to witness the show in a much more intimate and personal level, the students only tens of feet away.

The group will be competing on Sat., Sep. 17 at Bellbrook High School, which will be their second performance of the year. The students will also showcase Vortex at the home football game on Fri., Sep. 16 at the junior high.

“While I wish we could have marched, it was really cool playing so close together in the gym and getting to hear all the parts together really well,” said Andrea Vaughn, 11.

After the conclusion of the show, among shiny instruments and a sea of green and black uniforms, James Blankenship, the band director, stood.

He pointed out that this competition gave students the powerful experience of adapting to every situation and making the best of it, and it most certainly would be a performance to remember.