Marching Band’s second show changed to exhibition


Douglas Mader

Marching Band performing in the gymnasium of Bellbrook High School, unknowing the performance is unscored. This ensured marching band gave their second show their all, performing the first two movements of the “Vortex.” The switching of the competition to an exhibition drew out many contrasting feelings from the band.

Hannah Lee , Staff Writer

“Drum majors: Kevin Sheetz, Michael Xiang, Morgan Comerford, Diego Palacios, is your band ready?” said the announcer at the competition.

The marching band had their second competition this past weekend at Bellbrook High School, or so they thought.

“I felt like we were going to get second place in our class before we found out that it wasn’t scored,” said Caroline Kelly, 12.

The band was told after their performance that a decision was made to make the night’s performances an exhibition because having the show indoors caused a major deterioration for other competing bands. In other words, the show was not scored.

“I felt a bit bummed out, as I felt that was my own personal best show, but I understand why it was done and practice in a true performance setting is always helpful,” said Jenny Lu, 10.

Coincidentally, it has rained every weekend the marching band performed; the rain is following the band!

Before the show, there were some complications in adapting to another indoor performance and a new location. The new props for the color guard left few hands for the front ensemble instruments that were usually helped to move.

“After we found out it wasn’t scored I was really disappointed,” said Kelly.

The marching band performed inside the Bellbrook gymnasium with assurance that the gymnasium was much bigger. The marching band had to perform in a standstill once again.
But, the color guard were able to execute their new moves incorporating huge spinning circle props to further highlight visual “Vortex” effects.

Fortunately, everything was set up on time and the performance was a huge improvement than the first one.