Why athletes need to be involved in politics

Lauren Kurtzer, Creative Projects Director

Sports is not just sports. Politics are for the people. Athletes have become major figures in America and across the world; their names and faces are everywhere.

People like LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers are names known globally. They have the ability to impact the nation in a positive way.

They can not sit idly by and watch their neighbors suffer. For injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Each athlete in the major sports of baseball, football, basketball, hockey and soccer have the chance to make a difference in this unjust world. And they should stand up. Everyone has an opinion about what is going on in society.

They are in a position of power with their large media stage and the millions of dollars they make to say how they feel and implement change since they can donate part of their salaries or create foundations as many of them do.

Basketball player Dwayne Wade chose to play in his hometown of Chicago because of the extreme gun violence in the city, especially in black dominant neighborhoods. He became especially motivated by the murder of his innocent cousin.

He, and several NBA stars opened the ESPY’s with a call to action to end the violence. Wade blended his world of sports and politics by using the stage of an awards show to impact millions.

Sports can not just be sports because athletes are not athletes anymore. They are figures in our society that truly can make a difference.