Student Council stakes up orders


Hannah Loftspring

The senior class sent out a survey will the design of the Ave Cave shirt. Students were asked to take the survey and answer whether they would purchase a shirt, and if so, what size they would buy. This will help determine how many shirts to order and of what sizes. The seniors are working with a company to print the shirts which can print more, if necessary, fairly quickly.

Designing one shirt sounds like a chore but imagine designing four. Even though it is September, students and classes are still getting settled and completing housekeeping chores.

Student Council is especially busy with moving forward and simultaneously settling in. They have tasked themselves with designing four shirts in a month: Student Council, Ave Cave, Homecoming, and Class of 2017.

The Student Council shirts are designed primarily by the advisers Mrs. Caroline Stehlin and Mr. Benjamin Vore. They are a gift to members of Student Council, so that at school events they can all have the same shirt and will be distinguishable.

“They’re helpful to have at things that we plan like Battle of the Sibs because then when we stand outside to sell tickets or direct people; they know we’re in charge and can help if they have questions,” said Sydney Klein, 12.

The senior class is setting up a fundraising opportunity for their class by selling Ave Cave shirts. They will be $10 and for sale to all students in the weeks after homecoming. More information will be posted about them in the Commons.

Not only did they have to be designed, but they also had to be approved, priced, and sent out to students in a survey to determine what sizes needed to be ordered.

“It was a tedious process, I’m not going to lie. But we’ll end up making a pretty decent amount of money so that we can buy some cool senior and teacher gifts at the end of the year,” said Andrew Quantz, 12.

With Homecoming right around the corner, the sophomore class is scrambling to get everything together. They are selling Homecoming shirts the week before the dance. These shirts will also be available for purchase for every student.

“We’re raising money now so next year we can pay for prom since it’s so expensive. I think people will like them, and also our customers aren’t limited by grade since everyone can go to Homecoming,” said Taylor Miller, 10.

Finally, the senior class is taking on another chore of designing the Class of 2017 shirts. Each year, the shirts are handed out to seniors so they can wear them at pep rallies and in the senior class picture.

The shirts are a gift from the senior class, so they are absolutely free for all of the senior students. Since this is the 100th class to walk through the halls of SHS, that will be incorporated into the shirt.

More information about where and when to pick them up will be announced closer to the pick-up dates.

Student Council has their hands full with planning Homecoming as well as planning the future of SHS apparel!