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The war on drugs has affected everyone in the Philippines. In several of the impoverished communities, children play by the sewers, surrounded by waste. The drug war has taken a huge toll on families, those involved have no way of making income and fear for their lives.

Drug war in Philippines draws tension

When the new Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte gave his State of the Nation address, he stated his vow to destroy the illegal drug trade ravishing the country. He specifically declared his intention to stop the trade by any means necessary.

The death toll of Filipinos killed in the brutal war on drugs has reached heights surpassing 3,000. Countless people had been killed in police operations and others are still under investigation.

“It is crazy to hear about such a big problem arising in the Philippines. The use of drugs there has affected so many people, and I hope it ends soon, “ said Anais Cabello, 12.

Duterte has offered medals and cash awards for citizens who shot dealers dead.

“If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself,” said Duterte, according to Time.

“Duterte has some harsh words and I think he should approach the situation differently, but his words speak the truth,” said Grace Deng, 9.

The current president has faced a lot of international backlash for his merciless outtake on killing the “criminals.” He believes that if he does not stop the growing problem now, the next generation of Filipinos would suffer.

“Other countries should try to help them out by providing resources such as better doctors to stop the spread of addiction,” said Deng.

The government is rushing to expand rehabilitation places to keep in pace with security measures. Most facilities are full and lack doctors and drug counselors to help the patients. The price of helping those in need could be costly.

Several of the addicted who have turned themselves in have been arrested and sent to the country’s infamously overcrowded jails. The goal of the government is to aim at getting users and dealers to turn themselves in to stop the potential of more addiction.

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