9/11 at SHS

October 18, 2016

Former athletic trainer, Perry Denehy was a firefighter who could relate to those firefighters who ran into the burning world trade center on 9/11.

The terrorist attack lead to 343 New York firefighters passing away. It was the largest loss of a group of firefighters in one day in American history.

Denehy said, “To see how many firefighters lost their lives for others was the ultimate sacrifice.”

Denehy raised money from people at SHS and used it to help those who were impacted by the attack. He then traveled to New York and hand delivered the check in order for it to be used wisely.

When he worked at SHS, he would share a personal video from his time in New York to educate students and keep the event from being forgotten.

Denehy said, “It is important to both share personal viewpoints and also listen to the student’s experiences.”

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