Writing through stress


Allyson Bonhaus

Writing, especially on a stressful Monday, can be a nice break at the start of the school week. Writing about emotions, what is going on, or even fiction writing can be a coping mechanism or simply a break. Expressive writing can help people deal with the stress of school.

On Mondays after school a group of students meet in the teachers’ lounge. There they do writing activities and write on a given prompt. Creative Writing Club is for any student who is interested in writing.
“The process of getting thoughts out onto paper is almost like a physical release of pent up stress-as the words pour out of my pen, I can feel the excess tension draining out of me as well,” said Carolyn Zhang, 10.
The teacher sponsor is Mrs. Sophia Feist, and there are three students that run the club. The students pick or create the prompts and come up with fun games to get the writers talking with each other and to get ideas for a story.
“There are few things more satisfying than putting your pen down and surveying a page of writing,” said Zhang.
Dr. James W. Pennebaker, chair of psychology department of University of Texas, conducted several studies, with the results of college students who wrote about traumatic or emotional events visited the health center less often. Their blood pressure and heart rate also relaxed.
“It really builds a sense of accomplishment and relaxation,” said Zhang.
Amid food, writing, and talking the aspiring writers get to know each other despite the different levels of grades. Writing and simply hanging out with people can relieve the stress of a Monday.