They will not need to ‘Apologize’ for keeping ‘Secrets’ much longer


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Lead singer Ryan Tedder talked to Wonderland magazine about how there is an absence of humanity in many songs today, with them sounding like they came straight from a laptop instead of an artist. The album ‘Oh My My’ still has that aspect of humanity though, with the listener being able to hear each human voice and individual instrument instead of electronic sounds. To promote the album, the band performed at the iheartradio festival on Friday Sept. 23, 2016.

The band that took the early 2000’s by storm, OneRepublic, is releasing their fourth studio album, ‘Oh My My’ on Oct. 7. Fans have been awaiting new music from the band since their last one, ‘Naive’ in 2013.
“I have loved listening to OneRepublic because they have been with me throughout my childhood, and they always surprise me with how many different sounding tracks they can come up with,” said Kaitlyn Rasulis, 11.
The American pop rock group was officially formed in 2002, and was picked up by Columbia Records, but dropped two months before their first album was to be released.
Gaining popularity through MySpace, the band became the number one unsigned act, attracting the attention of several record companies, one of which was Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group, which they signed to.
They have had many hit singles since then, with their most popular being ‘Apologize’ which reached number one globally, one of only a few tracks to ever achieve this.
“I remember being in 6th or 7th grade and listening to ‘Apologize’ over and over again after school. It very well could have been one of the first songs I really got into,” said Rasulis.
The new album includes the two singles, ‘Wherever I Go’ and ‘Kids’, both of which have music videos. ‘Wherever I Go’ peaked at number 55 on the Billboard Top 100.
“I’m excited for this new album because each one has it’s own unique sound, but all fit together in a sound that is purely OneRepublic. It is cool to see that even through the change in most artists throughout the past few years, this band has stuck to their sound,” Rasulis said.