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Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel star in Gilmore Girls. They play famous mother and daughter duo Lorelai and Rory. From October, 5 2000 to May 15, 2007 the show was a huge hit.

Sara Margolis , Staff Writer

Free coffee and cardboard cutouts of Luke Danes, nothing could be better. On October 5th, Coffee shops in the United States will transform into Luke’s Diner from the hit TV show Gilmore Girls in honor of the 16th anniversary.

Netflix is sponsoring this event to promote the upcoming revival of the show called Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life, which will air on November 25th on Netflix.

Coffee is an essential on Gilmore Girls and is basically what Rory and Lorelai live off of.

According to Dana Hatic on Eater, “The online streaming service will be providing ‘all the Luke’s Diner essentials” for the staff and baristas, including branded hats and aprons.”’

Lauren Graham on talking about the revival in an interview said, “It was literally like no time had passed. It was not difficult. It was easy… It was the old show… It was just like it was meant to continue.”

According to Lonely Planet, “unofficial tally of cups consumed on screen coming to a whopping 503.”

Supplies are limited so fans have to be fast to get the once in the lifetime chance to experience Luke’s coffee. With seven participating locations in Ohio, there should be plenty to go around.
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