Band performs under the lights


Terry Ekstedt

The marching band performs at Lebanon High School. They were able to compete with all three of their songs, although they did not march all of three. The students received many accolades at the conclusion of the show.

Initially, the group of musicians believed that rain would prevent them from practicing for their competition; however, the rain turned to sun, thus enabling the group to continue as planned.

This past performance on Sat., Oct. 1 was at Lebanon High School and showcased nine other bands in various class levels.

“I think I need to work on becoming more comfortable with the new drill and I need to do a better job thinking ahead to what comes next in choreography,” said Abby Motley, 9.

As they took the field for competition, the excited gleam in their eyes matched the clear, starry sky above.

“I was really proud of our performance this time. I felt as if I personally did well, and I am proud of all of us for winning so many awards, which reflects how hard we have been working,” said Jenny Lu, 10.

The students performed last, before the exhibition (the school hosting the competition), thus it was dark by the time it was their turn to compete.

This was also the first competition in which they were able to perform all three movements of their show, although song three was played in full but marched partially.

At the conclusion of the competition, the band was able to take home a multitude of awards, including Grand Champions and Fan Favorite.

“I need to be more confident in myself and be completely comfortable with my choreography for the competitions,” said Karen Mellott, 11.

This competition was an eye-opener for the students because they are at the point in their season where every little practice counts as the end is approaching.