Water polo senior night attracts support


Hannah May

The SHS ladies water polo team poses in their senior night attire. The underclassmen wore their assigned outfits, while the seniors wore their honorary senior night tee shirts. The team has excelled immensely this season pulling of a crucial win against Milford.

Chances are that if you were at school on Tues., Oct. 4, you saw many freshman, sophomores, and juniors were walking around unflattering aquatic attire. The ladies and gentlemen sporting this attire are members of the SHS water polo team.

In order to raise awareness and rally support for senior night, the underclassmen were encouraged to dress according to senior’s requests, no matter how outrageous they were.

This year’s costumes featured pony buns, fanny packs, patterned leggings, and swim goggles for the girls, and speedos on top of leggings or shorts for the guys.

Some teachers and administrators in years past have banned Senior Night outfits because they consider them to be hazing, but this year is a bit different.

Although none of the students were disciplined for hazing, some of the boys were forced to change clothes because their speedos were considered inappropriate for school.

“We did not realize that speedos would be banned, especially since they were on top of clothes,” said David Greenberger, 12.

Despite this, the outrageous outfits did in fact raise awareness for the game, rousing a very large crowd for the senior night game against the Milford Eagles. Both the girls and boys varsity teams pulled off wins against the Eagles and also secured a favorable position for the state tournaments.

“Overall, senior night was a success. We won, had fun, and got to eat cake and celebrate four years of polo,” said Emma Bovard, 12.