Clowns creep up Cincinnati


Cara Owsley

Clowns are buying masks so they can switch them as quickly as possible if noticed. They are a group of middle-aged men and women who think this is funny. They have reeled younger kids into the woods with a trail of candy and money.

You have probably heard about the clown craze going around all of the United States. In fact three of the schools in Cincinnati were closed and five students were taken by the police because they sent out tweets asking the clowns to come to Cincinnati schools.

At first, most kids thought it was a joke and pretty funny, but after a few abusive attacks and even one death, most think it is a serious matter.

“I first thought it was a sick joke, but now it’s just a sick serious matter. Whomever’s involved in this act should seriously stop; they are scaring younger kids and messing up schools,” said Madison Humphrey, 10.

“I think it’s a pretty serious matter. The clowns can’t be arrested unless they do an act that’s arrest-worthy, but they are still scaring and worrying schools as well as kids,” said Jessica Shaud, 10.

“The number of arrests in the Cincinnati area over clown-related threats rose overnight from two to seven, as Montgomery police charged an additional five students with inciting panic Friday for allegedly suggesting a ‘Clown Clan’ descend on their schools,” according to CBC News.

There are kids that thought it was okay to send out messages to the clowns telling them to come to our schools which is certainly not okay.

The clowns posted on their twitter that they plan on coming back to Cincinnati because of the popularity they gained here.

With that said, still most students are not okay with it and do not plan on tweeting out to the clowns. The students that did probably did not expect to be caught.

I think this has become a serious matter. At first I did not think it would lead to serious events such as deaths but now it needs to be stopped.

Overall this is starting to go from a sick joke to a serious matter that needs to be stopped.