Busting out earbuds between bells


Allyson Bonhaus

Listening to a few minutes of the music you enjoy can be a nice break in between classes. It allows students a moment free of stress after an intensive class. Music can be a stress reliever from the business of school.

Allyson Bonhaus, Feature Chief

When walking in the hallway, there is always a plethora of students jamming to their next class. Mostly to Apple earbuds, but some students even take their Beat headphones to school.
In a few class, teachers require earbuds for the way they teach. Class has been flipped outside the classroom. A lecture video for homework and application questions during class, especially for math classes.
“Online lessons help as an intro to the material but otherwise I don’t mind it,” said Christine Zou, 10.
However, while listening to music in the hallways on the way to students’ next class, students probably are not listening to a geometry lesson. Just taking a few minutes to get lost in a song can help students deal with the stress the school day throws at them.
“Especially after a test it (music) helps get my mind off of it rather than replaying questions and doubting myself,” said Zou.
Will SHS see the wireless earbuds? Beat around the ear headphones have made their debut and have continued to be seen in the halls of SHS. In the future, there may be wireless headphones, which will make it difficult for teachers to catch.
“Since school can be super stressful music helps slow everything down and gives me my time and relieves stress,” said Zou.
A slight reprieve from the school day can be achieved by only plugging in your earphones and listening to your favorite song as you walk to your next class.
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