Basketball shooting it off

David Sung , Staff Writer

While the winter season is coming up many sports are looking forward to a great season. Boys and girls basketball season will start here in a couple of weeks.
Students are very excited for these big sports that are coming up. One of the sports is basketball. Sycamore High School has many talented basketball players making it hard to decide the teams for the coaches.
Sophomore Jeremy Wittenbaum said, “This upcoming season I feel our class has put in the most work and we have the most dedicated players like Benjamin Yuskewich, Davis Niblack, and Youngbin Lee, and this season it is hopefully going to show in the GMC tournament how hard we have worked.”
Athletes of this sport feel that the work they have put in so far will pay off during the season and tournaments.
Sophomore Niblack said, “As a member of the Sycamore basketball program I am very excited to see what will happen. I believe this upcoming season is going to be great because of the constant grind we have been putting in during the offseason. We have done nothing but improved.”
The basketball program is set up nicely so that the players do not stop practicing during the offseason. The program makes sure they are conditioning and working hard before the season starts.
Sophomore Yuskewich said, “I think all of the guys are really excited about the upcoming season. We have been putting in a lot of work over this offseason. So we are expecting a lot of improvement and development since the last season.”
The season this year is expecting to be good because of the hard work they have put in preparation for the games. Tryouts for the boys will start November 4th and the first game will be December 2.