Tennis team aces during early mornings


Wade, Edward Richard

At the end of a tough 3-2 loss to Jackson High School, Coach Michael Teets talks about what went wrong and what went right. With the off season already in progress, the boys and girls Aviator tennis teams wake up before the others to train for next season. At the end of the off season, the players hope to be more physically fit and have more endurance. Photo Courtesy of Sycamore Tennis.

With morning conditioning in its second week, the Aves tennis program is training hard and before anyone else. The boys have started their conditioning and the girls will soon join them in the upcoming months.
“I feel that I am putting in double the work because I am doing morning conditioning and baseball after school, but that is what makes us better,” said Jordan Pescovitz, 10.
With a variety of running and other dynamic exercises, the morning conditioning is not to be take lightly. There are even people that show up in the morning that are just trying to get in shape.
“The tennis program takes great pride with its off court training. With miles and the morning conditioning, I feel that our team is one of the fittest out there,” said Nikhil Sekar, 11.
The tennis team had their first mile Wed. Oct. 26. With two to three more mile runs after that, depending on the weather, the tennis team will have the endurance that could help them win their fourth straight state title.
The girls will join the boys in the morning conditioning in the future winter months.

“I am glad I don’t have to wake up early anymore. I have done it for four years and I’m glad I get to rest,” said Sarah Sotropa, 12.
In the past, some senior girl players have shown up to be with the team. Since the program is built on being one big team and not three separate teams, the players feel like a family not just friends.
For the next four months, the boys and girls of the Sycamore tennis team will be up earlier than any other team to train and build up strength for upcoming seasons.