Water polo prepares for home tournament


McDaniel's Photography

Senior Grace Mather and Junior Sarah Abraham attack the opponent’s goal in their dual match against Mason. The team is constantly improving and has worked their way up to a fourth place ranking in the state of Ohio. The state championships are in three weeks.

Caroline Veraldo, Sports Chief

So far in the 2016 season, the ladies’ water polo team has achieved a record of 2-7. This record is relatively inaccurate, however, because the team has faced many preseason difficulties. In only the first few games of the season, goalie and junior Abigail Hausfeld, junior Sarah Abraham, junior Meegan Gould, and junior Sydney Bahr all faced the terrible reality that is a concussion.

“This year has been a year full of hard hits to the head. Not only do we have many players on our own team with a head injury, but our close competitor, Mason, also has three of their starters out due to concussions as well” said Lily Retford, 12.

Despite many injuries and close losses, the team is looking forward to showing off their improved skills at the David McLennan tournament at home on Sept. 23 and 24.

“Almost all Ohio teams come to David McLennan, which is a good chance to see where they are in their season and their training. I am very excited to see how we do.” said Kurt Heltman coach.

The team will play Mason and Thomas Worthington high schools on Fri. Sept. 23 and Sylvania High School on Sat. Sept. 24.

“I am really excited for David McLennan because it is our home tournament. I am confident that despite our team injuries, we will be able to make a strong showing” said Grace Mather, 12.