Twitter heats up before big game


Hannah Loftspring

The most common types of tweets this week are one that reference a previous message. Students in all grades participate and more often than not they recieve a lot of recognition. “I know it sounds silly but it feels so good to have a tweet that gets a lot of likes because I feel like everyone is laughing at my joke,” said Leach.

Hannah Loftspring, Spotlight Editor

Every year, there is a Mason versus Sycamore football game. In the week leading up to the game, it is not uncommon to see tweets from both schools ‘roasting’ their rival school.

Traditionally, the tweets compare the opposite school to a current trend or circulating joke. There have been election and celebrity themed tweets as well as one-liner joke themes.

“I always forget the game is coming up, but I am made aware as soon as I go on twitter and start seeing all these ‘SHS vs. MHS’ jokes.

“People are so good at pulling ideas from other tweets that are already going viral,” said Andrew Quantz, 12.

It brings the students together when they can all laugh as a school about the harmless jokes they are making. It also increases enthusiasm in the stands during the game. It is one of the most attended football games.

“Last year the tweets were so funny and there were so many that by the time the game started, everyone was super pumped up. I think there were even more people in the student section than at the Homecoming game,” said Josey Leach, 11.

The results of last year’s game was an excellent win for SHS.

“I’m not going to lie, I was surprised we won. We usually do, but there are just so many kids at Mason and they’re so good at the other sports that you never really know what to expect,” said Quantz.

The football game against Mason City Schools is Fri., Oct. 28 at Sycamore Junior High. The theme is blackout, and it is expected to have high attendance and hype as seniors will be just finishing Senior Halloween, and it is against a rival school.