Still (Ga)going strong: Lady Gaga’s new album excites fans


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In the past couple years, Gaga has branched out from her music, appearing on the FX show ‘American Horror Story’ in season five. She co-wrote a song, ‘Til it Happens to You’, that was a part of the documentary, ‘The Hunting Ground’, which is about sexual assult, continuing her theme of deeper meanings behind her songs. You can find the new album one several platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora.

Taylor Close, Creative Projects Director

As a singer who has been around for almost a decade, Lady Gaga is a well-known name. As with all of her previous four albums, there was a lot of hype around her new one Joanne, especially among her fans.
“I remember listening to ‘Born This Way’ in like fourth grade and being obsessed with it. I think that might have been the start to me actually listening to the lyrics of a song instead of just the beat,” said Emily Reddy, 11.
From performing with Lady Starlight at Lollapalooza, to signing to Cherrytree records, 2007 marked the beginning of the singers big musical career. She started producing music that would appear on her first album, ‘The Fame’, in 2008.
This album became widely popular after being released because of the success of her singles, ‘Just Dance’, ‘Paparazzi’, and ‘Pokerface’. This was followed by an EP in 2009, ‘The Fame Monster’, which gained popularity through its single ‘Bad Romance’.
“Her songs pretty much defined my music taste as a child because I listened to her so much. I can remember the time when I had memorized ‘Bad Romance’ word for word and was extremely proud of myself,” said Reddy.
Since then, she has had multiple other hits, such as ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Edge of Glory’, both from the album ‘Born This Way’. And already, this new album is setting a path of it’s own.
‘Joanne’ was released on Oct. 21, 2016, with it’s lead single ‘Perfect Illusion’ gaining popularity, reaching number 20 in the US. The song has a music video that was released on Sept. 20.
“When I heard it [‘Perfect Illusion’] on the radio for the first time I was shocked because it surprises me how she has been around for so long. Usually artists start to fade out around five or so years but the fact that she has been around for almost a decade is amazing,” said Reddy.