Heads pounding through headaches


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For when you do have a migraine, you may want to lay down in a dark room with no noise. A nap can help as well. Waiting it out is the only way for it to end most of the time.

Allyson Bonhaus, Staff Writer

Anyone else get headaches or migraines that make it impossible to focus or even hear noise? It can make doing schoolwork exceptionally difficult and even painful. Therefore, it can cause many students to be absent from school for many days.
“I usually get migraines very frequently when the weather changes or jumps drastically throughout the day,” said Grace Creek, 10.
So, people look from a migraine trigger. What causes migraines? Often times there is a sudden or radical change to your routine, for example staying up until 2 a.m. every night for a week or so.
Or it may be something out of your control, the Barometric pressure, basically the weather, has rapidly changed.
“When I have a migraine I take some sort of pain reliever but most of the time it doesn’t fully get rid of it. I shut myself in a cool, dark and quiet room and lay down-if not I start getting nauseous,. The only way I can really get rid of them (migraines) is to sleep it off and hope it goes away soon” said Creek.
The causes may even be more difficult to fix, like taking something out of your diet. If you eat something you are intolerant to, on a normal basis it can cause the migraines. The only effect of the consumption could be your migraines, therefore why it went unnoticed.
“I usually try to avoid bright lights and/or bright noises. I drink lots of water everyday and make sure I eat something throughout the day because that can also trigger migraines. But sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop them from coming on,” said Creek.
If that seems to be the problem, you may want to go to a dietitian to check if you have any food allergies that could be causing your migraines.
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