Why are some people so rude?



Most teens now have smart phones. Kids can be rude in several different ways and one of the ways is social media. Being rude on social media can tell us a lot of things like, cyber bullying and someone making you do something you do not want to do. Photo courtesy of MCT.

Lexi Fritzhand , Staff Writer

Many times, the people who seem or appear rude are very sensitive. They will easily get affected by others’ actions and, in the process, they hurt themselves.
Due to the tendency of the human mind to protect itself from hurting, they will act out or hurt the people around them by accident. For some reason, they seek pleasure in hurting the people they love around them.
“By acting rude, they think that they will not get hurt,” said Andrew Bever, 10.
Also the person that is acting rude may not know that. People do not exhibit rude behavior; “rude” is what you interpret your behavior to be. Seeing rude behavior can result in many different actions by social media or their families.
“ I think that some people just do it to be rude, and some do it by accident or by something going on and they are taking it out on people,” Bever said.
They might be under the influence to be rude to be cool, or someone might be making them be rude. Or they know their actions are rude, and they just don’t care.
“People who bring out the bad side of them are most likely sad inside,” Bever said.
They act rude constantly, they are aware that their actions are not right, yet they still love themselves for it.