Petanque fun for French Club


Bao, Jenna Xu

French Club plays petanque on the softball field. Petanque is basically bocce ball, and is very popular in France. Teams compete in rounds until a champion is found. Photo courtesy of Jenna Bao.

Yasmine Guedira, News Chief

After a very successful fundraiser that collected over $1000 for the earthquake victims in Haiti, French Club is planning to meet again on Oct. 28 to play a game of petanque on the baseball field.

“French Club is an amazing organization. We are such a close group of friends who learn and have fun together. It has been so much fun being president,” said Ryan Tufts, 11.

On Oct. 28., the French Club will be meeting to play petanque, a traditional yard game played in France. The goal of the game is to toss a hollow steel ball as close as possible to a small wooden ball called the cochonnet.

“Petanque was one of my favorite activities in French Club last year. It is great because it is fun for everyone; you don’t have to be talented or athletic. Playing fun games with awesome people is what French Club is all about,” said Sarah Guedira, 10.

French Club meets once a month to celebrate cultural activities in the French world. Last year, the club met to eat fondue, make gingerbread houses, and make masks for Mardi Gras.

¨French Club is a great way to get involved with french culture. I have so much fun with my friends eating and playing games while appreciating French culture in our own way,” said Keren Idleman, 11.