Jamming to music


Allyson Bonhaus

This is from a Carrie Underwood concert during her Storyteller tour that stopped in Cincinnati on Oct. 21. At US Bank Arena, Underwood and her fans screamed along to the lyrics of older and new songs. Underwood was preceded by The Swon Brothers and Easton Corbin.

In only Cincinnati, there are many places boasting how they have the most famous musicians coming. From restaurants with live local music to having renowned artists performing downtown.
“My favorite experience was the Coldplay concert,” said Rebecca Thompson, 10.
In the middle of exams, tests, homework it is hard to take a breath. Concerts can be a way to have fun and unstress. Screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs can be an effective way to stop stressing.
“I love going to concerts-the music and environments is so fun and uplifting, especially from my busy life at school,” said Thompson.
Many artists, while on tour around the US, stop in Ohio or even Cincinnati. From oldies rock to country to pop artists sing in Ohio’s concert halls. There are many places for them to broadcast their voice. Including Riverbend, US Bank Arena, Summit Park, etc.
“I loved hearing all my favorite songs from the radio live,” said Thompson.
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